Inspiration, discipline, and a lot of work.
All the creativity of a brand, Antonio Banderas Design, that will bring you many things.
Always with the sea as a great dream.
Antonio Banderas

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The Flag

A special style is required for moments of emotion and sporting activities. Fun and daring, this collection is for feeling alive!

  1. Antonio Banderas Flag sunglasses, blue
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Ever since I was small and would stroll along the beach, I have been fascinated by the pebbles of the seashore. My dream has been to work with these colours and materials to create something that I can take with me everywhere

  1. Antonio Banderas Origin sunglasses, tortoiseshell
    Regular Price €39.90 Special Price €12.90


I wanted to create a special collection imprinted with my emotions that would transport me to a sea voyage, with the sun and the breeze of the Mediterranean

  1. Antonio Banderas women's Regatta sunglasses
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For when you want an elegant yet informal look, prepared for any situation

Bike Rider

My best allies while filming my last movie


In reading glasses, practicality and comfort don’t have to clash with good design and taste


When I travel, I need easy-to-carry, resilient reading glasses that take up little space


A selection of aromatic plants that transport me back to walks in my beloved country. Close your eyes and enjoy!



Created by the world's finest artisans in high quality leather. Durability, strength and elegance were the inspiration for this unique collection


A unique design, reminiscent of wooden boats


Wrap yourself with serenity and elegance



54 Items

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